The advance in digital technologies in recent years has led to many young people spending lots of time immersed in online culture, often on many different devices; at times it can be difficult to remove the devices from their hands.

A big part of this culture is the gaming environment. Quite often young people are so focused on being part of the gaming environment that they don’t pay much attention to the information that they may share online; or think in the same rational way that they would in the real world. 

If a stranger walked up to a young person in the street and asked them where they lived; or asked them for a naked photo of themselves, the reactions would be very different than they might be online. According to a recent news article published by The Independent newspaper it only takes a few seconds for young boys and girls to be encouraged in to exposing themselves online.

Safer Internet Day 2020 - ACHS

In Safer Internet Day Assemblies w/c Monday 10 February, students in all year groups at ACHS will be shown a hard hitting BBC Panorama documentary. The documentary is about student Breck Bedner and how he was systematically groomed as part of his immersion into the online gaming world; how easily he was manipulated and ultimately murdered.

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