In order to support our vision and ethos we have developed our unique LINC and BEAM approaches. 

Across the Seaton Valley Federation we strive for every child to meet the components of LINC

This means we aspire for every student to be: 

  • Literate
  • Independent
  • Numerate
  • Culturally aware

Therefore in every lesson there will be an opportunity where at least one element of LINC is taught to the students.

We are also aware that our students need support and intervention to both achieve their full potential and enjoy their time within the Seaton Valley Federation.

As a result we have BEAM support for all pupils. This means we will support our young people with their:

  • Behaviour
  • Emotions
  • Achievements
  • Mental Health

As a Federation we may not tell pupils specifically that this is what we are doing but all of our interventions and support will help our young people with these areas.

Examples of how we teach LINC

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Implementing BEAM support

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