Each child will be given a planner to help them organise their year at Whytrig. It is a space in which to make note of all of the important information your child (and you!) will need:

  • Your child’s timetable - class work and homework
  • Your child’s teachers
  • Letters home
  • Homework set and date due
  • Times and dates to remember
  • Merits gained
  • Tokens which have been awarded

It also includes information about the school for your reference.

It is important that pupils get into the habit of taking it to all lessons and home at the end of each day. They are also expected to take responsibility for ensuring that homework details are recorded clearly, including what needs to be done and the date it is due to be handed in. Teachers always give time for this during the lesson and will often write the instructions on the board, particularly for Key Stage 2 pupils.

Your child's Home School Planner is an important link in the partnership involving parents, teachers and pupils. Please support us by signing the planner at the end of each week and by making a note of any concerns you have to enable these to be followed up at school. Normally the class teacher will monitor the planner once a week, so if it is more urgent, please ensure that your child draws it to the attention of the teacher for a prompt reply.

We feel sure that we can count on your support and encouragement to ensure that your child makes the most of their time at Whytrig.