We have arrangements in place to deal with situations that affect the schools operating as normal, such as severe weather or other emergencies.

These situations are by their nature unpredictable however we will aim to make decisions as quickly as we can. Our main concern is to ensure that your children and those who work in our schools are kept as safe as possible.

It is our policy to remain open unless we are forced to close because there is a risk to the health, safety and welfare of staff and pupils.

School closure

In the event of school closure we aim to make a decision by 7.30am. Information about this will be publicised via:

  • Radio Newcastle (95.4 FM) and Metro Radio (97.1 FM), who will issue school closure reports during their respective Breakfast programmes from 7.00am until 10.00am
  • school closure notices on SVF News and the Seaton Valley Federation Facebook and Twitter feeds
  • the Northumberland County Council Alerts page

There will be a daily update until the school reopens.

We will also send closure information and updates via My Child at School to all registered parents/carers. Please ensure we always hold a current mobile number for emergency contacts. You can update your details via the Contact Us page.

Information about school closures will only be published on the above communications channels.

If buses do not arrive in the morning

Under normal circumstances, children are advised to wait 20 minutes before returning home or go to an alternative place of safety. In the case of extremely cold weather, parents should, of course, make their own decision as to a reasonable waiting time.

Early closure during the school day

There may be times when, as a result of worsening weather or unforeseen incidents during the school day, we need to close. In this circumstance we will inform parents/carers of any decision we make via My Child at School and publish this information on SVF News and the Seaton Valley Federation Facebook and Twitter feeds.

No doubt students will also make direct contact with family members to ensure they are aware of what is happening. Parents/carers should have alternative arrangements in place for emergencies so students are fully aware of what is expected of them.

Back-up plan

It is always advisable for you and your child to have a back-up plan for unforeseen situations, such as if they miss their bus, their phone battery has run out or they can’t reach you in an emergency. For example, you may agree a designated relative or friend that they should contact.