16 to 19 Bursary Fund

Updated: 24/07/2023 129 KB

Bursaries are available to give financial support to eligible 16-19 year olds who meet the criteria set out in our 16 to 19 Bursary Fund Policy.

The purpose of the bursary is to help students to meet the costs of continuing in full-time education, such as transport, books and equipment, trips and other course-related costs and may also be used towards the costs of attending university interviews and open days. We also provide credit on our cashless catering system to help meet the costs of lunches and refreshments.

Bursaries may be made up of a mixture of cash payments and benefits in kind. Cash payments are made in 10 monthly instalments by cheque payable to the student from September to June. The amount of the payment is reduced if the student has unauthorised absence from school.

We inform all students about the bursary and those who are eligible usually apply in September, however applications are considered at any time in the school year if the student’s circumstances change. A student who meets the vulnerable bursary criteria (because they are in one or more of the defined vulnerable groups) does not automatically qualify for funding, as we may determine that they do not have any actual financial need and so are not eligible on that basis e.g. their financial needs are already met and/or they have no relevant costs.

The school also has a small Hardship Fund for students who do not meet the above criteria but who experience particular financial difficulties during their period of study. This may provide one-off funds in exceptional circumstances so please speak to Mr Ironside, Assistant Headteacher to discuss any issues you need help with.