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Seaton Valley Food Bank

As a school community we have decided to support Seaton Valley Bank, a local charity. Mrs Cook is the main contact should you have any questions about this project. A 'food bank' has been set up in the school main reception for donations. Please note the following:

  • We are collecting for Seaton Valley Food Bank in the lead up to Christmas and hopefully in longer term
  • We are asking if parents feel that they can help by buying an extra item or two along with their own weekly shop
  • No fresh items or food that needs to be refrigerated/frozen

In order to try to collect a wide range of items, we are requesting that each year group contributes food items for different meals:

  • YEAR 5 - breakfast items (for example boxes of cereal, porridge oats, jars of jam or marmalade, cereal bars, crackers, or long life UHT milk)
  • YEAR 6 - lunch items (for example sandwich fillers or spreads (in jars or tins), tins or packets of soup, tins of hot-dogs, baked beans, or packet noodles)
  • YEAR 7 - dinner items (for example pasta, rice, jars of pasta sauce, tinned fish, meat or vegetables, tins of rice pudding, custard, and cake)
  • YEAR 8 - supper and snack items (for example crisps, biscuits, teabags, coffee, sugar, chocolate bars

Staff are being asked to donate personal care items such as shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste, deodorant, etc.

The collection box will be situated in the school reception area and will be delivered to the food bank once full. Thank you in anticipation for your generosity and support.


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