Welcome to Seaton Sluice Middle School.

Seaton Sluice Middle School is a mixed 9-13 middle school serving the villages of Seaton Sluice, New Hartley and Seghill. We also have pupils attending from outside our catchment in areas such as Blyth and Cramlington. We are part of the Seaton Valley Federation of Schools, together with Astley Community High and Whytrig Middle Schools. We are proud of being a school at the heart of the local community.

We have strong academic and pastoral aims at Seaton Sluice Middle. We cover a broad and balanced curriculum with a strong focus on numeracy and literacy in all subjects.

We believe pupils can only achieve their potential academically if they are happy and feel cared for. Our pastoral systems are constructed around this belief. We support all pupils as individuals and reward them well for doing a good job. Consistent praise and the odd consequence keep behaviour good across the school. Sometimes pupils have relationship issues with their peers, although this happens at all schools. When there is a problem we talk and listen to all parties to ensure as successful a conclusion as possible is reached. Pupils tell us that if there is a problem the staff deal with it quickly and successfully.

Overall, pupils at Seaton Sluice Middle School achieve high academic standards and are well cared for. If you feel that this is something you would like for your child then please contact the school to arrange a visit. We are always happy to show off our school!

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