We ask parents and carers to park considerately and safely at both of our federation school sites.

We would like to remind parents/carers of students at our Elsdon Avenue site not to use the small car park by the gates to drop-off and pick-up students from school. This car park is for is for use solely by customers of the Public Library and Customer Service Centre based within our school building.

We have a designated visitor car park for parents and carers of Astley and Whytrig students at the rear of the building adjacent to the field. This should be used when dropping off and picking up your children. We would be grateful if you could make arrangements to drop-off/pick-up your son/daughter either at the designated visitor car park or away from the school entrance.

For your child’s safety and the safety of other pedestrians and road users, please do not park on any of the roads and pavements immediately outside of the school site. Double yellow lines are marked around our site, and on Elsdon Avenue, and we ask that parents/carers follow these and do not park on them.

The Go Smarter ‘Be a smarter parker’ campaign encourages parents to think carefully when parking near to the school, or even within the school car park, to help keep our students safe.

A 'Schools Go Smarter' camera car may be in the area to discourage you from parking unsafely. You can view the Smarter Parker film and for further information about the campaign visit Go Smarter.