Mock Trials are over for another year after a rather successful day at court on Saturday 23 March 2019.

It was a bright and early start, especially for a Saturday, but there were no complaints from year 8 (well, maybe a few) who after months of preparing were finally ready for their trial. Each pupil had their own specific role, whether that be a lawyer, witness, magistrate, court staff or even a member of the press, and they were all keen to get on with the competition.

On arrival at court we were met by our local magistrate Bill who informed us that 12 teams were involved in the competition and that we were competing against Duchess High School (a year 9 team) and Chantry Middle – both tough opponents. Regardless of this, we made sure we were smart, quickly refreshed our memories of the case and entered the court with confidence. Despite a tough grilling, mainly for the witnesses, all the pupils performed outstandingly. Miss Curry was pleased Liam was found ‘Not Guilty’ meaning he could return home with the group at the end of the day.

At the end of the competition we were given the chance to ask a group of magistrates some questions about how the court system works. Many questions were asked, mainly from our pupils, resulting in the lead magistrate commenting on the maturity and engagement of those involved. Proud teacher moment!

Although we didn’t win this year, all the pupils were a credit to Seaton Sluice Middle School. Mr Barkley, Miss Curry and Mrs Simpson (who came out of retirement for the event) were really impressed with everyone involved. Year 7 have a tough act to follow next year!

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