Calling our middle and high school pupils! Let your imagination take flight with a book from one of our school libraries.

Our two school libraries have a wide selection of books for our SSMS, WMS and ACHS pupils.

The SSMS library has recently moved spaces and is now much bigger. We will officially open to students in September 2019 for borrowing and returning books.

The WMS/ACHS library is open to ACHS students before and after school and most break and lunchtimes. The library is open to WMS pupils each day after school and on Thursday lunchtime.

With help from our pupils, our librarian, Mrs Martin has created wonderful displays for both libraries. The display at the WMS/ACHS library is a beautiful array of butterflies, while the display at the SSMS library is a colourful walk through of Harry Potter characters.

 Drop in to take a look and while you’re there borrow a book!