Congratulations to Seaton Sluice Middle School pupil, Elijah, who entered the New Hartley VE Day creative writing competition and won first prize. Elijah wrote a fantastic poem and we are very proud of his achievement. Here is Elijah's poem:

Respect We Pay           By Elijah

‘My dear friends, this is your hour’

Said the man who held our nation’s power

Never forget all the pain and sorrow!

For today, we can build a new tomorrow

To the great warriors who defended us, then mended us.

We thank thee.

We offer you this promise.

The men and women who fought with Our Captain Thomas.

We salute You!

So, we are here today to celebrate 75 years since Victory Day

But we must never forget a trade was made.

The cost -75 million lost

Off goes the heroes, in destructive tanks

For saving our lives, we give eternal thanks

BOOM! BANG! Gunshots.

Some soldiers go alone

Some go in lots

Please! Please! I Implore!

Make it stop! I don’t want to lose anymore!

Remember Remember,

That night in December

A night of peace

The amount of death was at its least

The gunshots stopped

Out the men hopped

They played a game of football

When it ended, they did not want to shoot at all

For they had felt something in their heart

A new feeling, and it felt like majestic art

The feeling was love

It made them want to stop all the dogfights above

And the battles on the ground

But the dictator said ‘No no no’

‘You do as I say so’

So once again,

The gunshots started off because the powerful man said ‘Kill those men!’

This man; he was not sane

Out of control like a lion’s mane

For all the souls he hypnotised

The Nazis we called them; those hearts could not be purified

Merciless creatures with bloodthirsty features

But that is all gone now

No need to worry

Or rushing to unstable bomb shelters in hurry

We are Victors!

Now you can go back to normal lives

For the Nazis have been exterminated

No more wars shall be created

As the dark age passes, the new peaceful age amasses

We will teach about this time in children’s classes

For what has been done, has caused too much damage

And the dark side of our world is not so savage

Leaving way for a peaceful passage

We will mend what has happened

And make the peace we have lacked

Respect we pay

Always remember Victory Day


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