In recognition of Black History Month, Year 5 have been learning about immigration to Britain and the Windrush generation.  Last week they loved hearing Baroness Floella Benjamin’s story about growing up in Trinidad and her journey to England in 1960, as a 10 year old girl.  They were shocked to hear about the way her and her family were treated.  Despite the difficult start and bullying she suffered at school, Floella grew up to have a successful career in TV and on the west end stage, as well as becoming an accomplished author.

On Wednesday 7th October, the children were treated to a virtual author visit as they listened to more of her story via Zoom and then discussed the messages she gave.  When she was growing up, her mother’s advice was, “Go to school. Education is your passport to life.”  Floella never forgot this advice and even when things were difficult, she remembered another thing her mother said: “Every disappointment is an appointment with something better.”

Floella told the children about the four Cs which have guided her through life:

Consideration – to have empathy, understanding and respect for other people.

Contentment – be happy with what you have and don’t be jealous of other people. 

Confidence – have the confidence to be who you are.

Courage – if you see someone doing something wrong, say so, and have the courage to change the world.

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