Year 7 Whytrig Middle School pupils have been producing some FANTASTIC news reports on the theme of vampires - newspaper, radio and TV - which show an amazing effort. We particularly love the fact that some parents have been involved as eye-witnesses! A number of our children stated that their parents had helped them and they had loved it! We think that's absolutely brilliant and is exactly what we love seeing in school!

Here is an example of an excellent news report for the radio written by Lyla in Year 7:



Good evening, this is Radio 101 News and I am your host Aria Wilson. Last night, a strange figure was said to be lurking around the Seghill train track area. At around midnight, an alleged “vampire” sighting occurred striking terror through the hearts of local residents. 

Villager Tracy Dixon aged 39 had this eyewitness report: “I was on the way back from walking my cat when I heard a scream and a kerfuffle in the bushes. A cloaked figure emerged and looked right at me, I swear he had fangs and his skin was as white as a sheet. The next thing I knew, he disappeared in a flash up the train track. I’ve never seen anyone move that fast.”

An elderly woman has been reported missing from the village. Mavis Bovril aged 72 did not come home last night from the bingo and her family are urging anyone with information to come forward. Her son Morris had this to say: “This is not like Mum to go missing. If anyone knows anything or has seen anything, call the Police and they will contact me. Police are urging everyone to remain calm. Sergeant O’Malley says: “Remain vigilant and keep your eyes peeled for any suspicious behaviour. Do not approach strangers. We cannot confirm that this is a vampire attack at this time. My officers are investigating every possibility.” 

This is not the first time Seghill has had a vampire incident. Fifty years ago, a 7 year old girl was killed with no trace of evidence but only a trail of footprints. Many say it was a vampire who killed her but there was no proof.

Residents are now scared to leave their homes at night and are now stocking up on garlic and crucifixes.

This is Aria Wilson reporting for Radio 101 News, Seghill Village.

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