As part of their PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) lessons, Year 5 pupils at Whytrig Middle School welcomed firefighters from West Hartford Fire Station in Cramlington to school on Tuesday 17th May.

The children were inquisitive and asked lots of questions about the equipment. They were fascinated to learn that due to pressure and expansion it can only take the equivalent of a bucket of water to put out a house fire!

Some quotes from the children:

"It was really fun as we got soaked with the hose" - Chloe

"I liked it because I now know what to do if there's a fire" - Jenson

"I liked it because I learnt new things, such as how to escape a fire" - Michael

"The firefighters were really nice and friendly as they showed us around the fire truck" - Shaun

"I liked it because it was interesting to see the tools they use" - Casey

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