Astley Community High School and Whytrig Middle School welcomed Ronnie Campbell MP on Friday 26 October as part of The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy tree planting.

The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy is a new initiative aimed at preserving native forests across the UK and the Commonwealth for future generations.

Ronnie Campbell MP was given the opportunity to plant some trees in Blyth Valley as part of the initiative involving the whole of the UK and chose the schools’ Elsdon Avenue site as one of the tree planting locations.

Astley and Whytrig welcomed the chance to receive one of the trees and be part of this ambitious conservation project. Recently elected senior students from Astley together pupils from Whytrig met Ronnie Campbell MP to help plant a Silver Birch tree in the schools’ grounds.

Susan Dungworth, Chair of Governors, Seaton Valley Federation commented: “It is great that Ronnie had asked our schools to be involved in this international project. The tree will be a valuable addition to our schools and an asset to the whole community.”

John Barnes, Executive Headteacher, Seaton Valley Federation said: “The recent reports on global warming show how important trees are to the welfare of people and I am very pleased to be able to assist Mr Campbell in his desire to increase the number of trees in Seaton Valley. Furthermore the tree will become part of our school fabric and that is a very important thing as all of us in the Seaton Valley Federation realise how important nature is to our wellbeing.”