The annual mock election at Seaton Sluice Middle School went ahead on 27 May but this year it looked a bit different.

As usual, in the run up to the election, the Year 7 parties produced their own manifestos and prepared speeches but unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, candidates weren’t able to talk personally to voters to try to gain their support. Each party presented their speech to video camera to be shown in classrooms on the morning of the election.

Pupils in Y7 were able to have the full polling station experience (swapping their polling cards for ballot papers and casting their votes in the private voting booths) but pupils in other bubbles just had to fill in their ballot paper in their classroom for this year. 

The Y7 election administrators were extremely efficient and by breaktime the votes were all cast and counted. All parties had attracted a respectable number of votes however the winning party was the S.A.T. (Stop Animal Testing) party whose excellent presentation and powerful video about a ”tester” rabbit called Ralph persuaded 55% of the electorate to vote for their team.

Well done to everyone involved: you all did a fantastic job and helped us to experience how a real election works. 

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