60 Year 5 children have just got back from an exciting, adventurous and adrenaline (sugar?) fuelled three days on the outskirts of Hexham at Dukeshouse Wood. How thrilling to be able to get back to these trips - and our youngest pupils took full advantage of everything on offer.

From the first challenge - making their own beds! - to the last, we were full throttle all the way! Flinging themselves into space on the Leap of faith and the zipwire; working in a team to get around the forest blindfolded; building shelters from wood and moss; firing arrows through the rain...they certainly developed plenty of skills to help them become more resilient, independent and courageous children.

Adam said, “At first I was afraid of heights but after I went on the Leap of faith and zipwire, I’m not! I never thought I’d get to the top of the tower or be able to get down from the zipwire.I’m so proud of myself!”

“When I got on the zipline I really had to push myself to jump off,” admitted Travis.. “It was scary...but it was the most fun I’ve had in my whole life!”

Amy told me, “The activities were really good. No one was forced to do anything; we just were encouraged to give everything a go. I was a bit scared at first on the leap of faith but once I saw everyone else, it helped. I reached the top! I was proud; I d idn’t  think I’d get to the top!”

Carter told me he had a brilliant time.“My favourite activity  was the Leap of Faith. Plus I made better friends with Seb, Jack and Louis because we got to share a room!”

After a short period of recovery, I am sure that the Year 5 team are looking forward to doing it all again next year. Meanwhile, they are all delighted at the amazing accomplishments of the children.

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