Here is a special round up of the SSMS Year 5 and Year 6 Stars of the Week for the Autumn first half term. Well done everyone!

Week beginning 13 September:

Year 5

Felicity R - for being kind and helpful to her classmates.

Chase E - for always putting up his hand and getting involved in lessons.

Rowan M - for well-thought out contributions and for being so polite.

Freddie B - for being SSMS Motocross star.

Joseph H - SPORTSMANSHIP - helping someone up.

Year 6

Maizie G - incredible organisational skills!

Jessica M - being a great role model for the class and helpful to staff.

Charlie R - a great start to year 6 and SSMS.

Leo S - having a wonderful attitude in maths lessons :-)

Theo G - SPORTSMANSHIP - being sympathetic towards a teammate, who wasn’t successful, allowing him to recover quickly and get back in the game!

Week beginning 20 September:

Year 5

Savannah H - very kind and helpful to others.

Yasmin M - for great listening and understanding in English.

Alice S - for her excellent attitude in all lessons.

Aaron F - SPORTSMANSHIP - avoiding disputes and instead focusing on play.

Daniel R - for being kind and helpful in the dinner hall.

Year 6

Harlee L - displaying tremendous positivity and enthusiasm.

Nicholas P - a wonderful start to year 6, especially in maths :-)

Gracie C - going above and beyond to help other class members.

Elliot M - being very thoughtful and sensible; making a great positive start to year 6.

Harvey A - SPORTSMANSHIP - always being a great team player and supporting friends :-)

Week beginning 27 September:

Year 5

Finley T - for fantastic listening skills.

Finely M - for all his hard work in Maths so far.

Olivia G - for a great start in English writing.

Harry C - for looking after the outside area by picking up litter.

Layton C - SPORTSMANSHIP - always involving everyone.

Year 6

Daniel H - a wonderful description of the Clock Tower :-)

Rufus B - being organised.

Andrew F - a positive attitude towards the start of year 6 and being innovative with club ideas!

Laila S - an excellent start to year 6 and always setting a good example to others.

Daniel Mc - SPORTSMANSHIP - being an excellent team player.

Week beginning 4 October:

Year 5

Lucy T - outstanding contributions in lessons.

Layton C - excellent work in Maths.

James D - his excellent attitude towards work.

Alex W - excellent work in Maths.

Archie S - SPORTSMANSHIP - Advising his peers to do the right thing.

Year 6 

Jamie P - consistent good effort.

Zac P - mature responses during SMSC.

Kaden B - being kind and considerate :-)

Theo G - always being positive, polite and helpful to staff and peers.

Elliot M - being kind and considerate :-)

Ayden UM - SPORTSMANSHIP - being a wonderful team player at D&D club :-)

Week beginning 11 October:

Year 5

Iyla Sl - being amazing at the Open Evening by ensuring that the Y4 children were involved.

Matthew E - working hard in English.

Luke A - working hard in Maths.

Frankie S - superb work in Maths.

Kai H - SPORTSMANSHIP - for being resilient and kind.

Year 6

Megan P - demonstrating resilience.

Maria D - excellent effort in art lessons.

Andrew F - getting the highest increase in arithmetic score in 6Ma1.

Isla B - always being helpful, polite, well prepared and cheerful.

Harvey A - SPORTSMANSHIP - standing out (to the other team) as a team player during the football match :-)

Week beginning 18 October:

Year 5

Lucy B - excellent use of complex sentences in English.

Hana D - working hard in every single lesson!

Laura J - being a fantastic representative for SSMS on the school trip.

Jackson B - being friendly, polite around school with beautiful manners.

Isabelle H - SPORTSMANSHIP - for caring about others.

Year 6

Xander B - being an absolute star in computing - not only completing his own work but also being extra kind to other pupils in need.

Elliot S - DOUBLE STAR, always being so polite being an absolute star in computing - not only completing his own work but also being extra kind to other pupils in need.

Isabelle Potter - completing her own home/research tasks to enhance her work in art.

Amber Buglass - always being polite, helpful, friendly.

Charlie Morton - SPORTSMANSHIP - encouraging others to play fair and not argue :-)



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